We’ve outlined some simple points that highlight what our Heather CVC tees are all about.

Our Heather CVC tees are one of our most popular products, and rightfully so. What exactly makes it so popular? To help you and your customers understand what sets this material apart from the rest, we’d outlined some simple points that highlight what our Heather CVC tees are all about.


What does Heather CVC mean? 

Good question! CVC stands for Chief Value Cotton, a tasteful blend of cotton and polyester that consists of a heavier mix of cotton that results in a quality material at a very competitive price. Due to its soft hand, textures and dimensions, CVC can stand on its own against pricier materials and fabrics, but do not contain Rayon. This means they are much easier as well as inexpensive to create – which equates to an amazingly process that will have your customers in awe at its quality and affordability.


Printing on a Heather CVC tee

We offer this great material in all kinds of styles, colors – even custom prints – at a must lower price point than our competitors. We’re able to do this because of our highly efficient manufacturing process, producing this ultra-light, soft and comfortable tees that are some of the most ideal canvasses for your custom prints. Screen prints, heat transfers – it doesn’t matter! We’re ready to take up any challenge, and make you sure walk away satisfied and smiling.


What styles should I choose for Heather CVC? 

The sky’s the limit! Choose from our wide variety in our collection, and we believe that there’s something in our inventory that will definitely fit your individual style. Contact us today to get a personalized quotation and advice from our experts.