Getting your custom T-shirt printed should be an intimate affair. It should stand out from the rest, and get the attention it deserves. Adding dimension to a print is one way to achieve that, and we’re here to show you how!


Puff and crackled printing techniques are just some of the ways to add that extra oomph to your shirt, and it gives it a visible texture that is visually impressive. With the right design and colors, it’ll really make your design pop when worn.


Puff Print

This technique is also known as emboss printing, and can be incorporated into any part of a design. It’s actually not a high-density print, and is actually quite a subtle technique that’s part design, part texturizing.

Puff ink is a plastisol-based ink that is modified with the addition of heat-reactive foaming additive. But watch out, too much foaming agent, and it’ll spoil the end result. With the proper ink deposit, the puff ink technique could be the perfect finishing touch to your custom prints and designs.


Crackled Print

Printed like a traditional plastisol ink with a heavy deposit, this design gives off a “cracked” finish that looks ultra-rugged and stylish when done right. Once it’s pulled out of the dryer and cooled, one quick rub and you’ll see the effect almost instantaneously, plus it also allows for you to control how the cracks look for maximum customization.

This “distressed” effect looks great when you’re going for a retro and vintage look in your designs, and it looks tasteful on both dark and light accented backgrounds.